IGI Markets : An Award Winning Online Broker For Institutional & Retail Investors

Online trading was once limited to institutional investors but with the passage of time financial markets opened gates for retail investors. Since then trading has become one of the most adopted source of earning income wherein people from all walks of life are taking keen interest. A large number of these retail investors interested in trading with IGI Markets.

What is IGI Markets

It goes back a few years when IGI Markets came into being as an online broker primarily for rendering trade services to institutional investors only. When financial markets opened gates for global retail investors, IGI made sure that it shouldn’t wait in launching brokerage services for them.

An Award Winning Broker

IGI Markets is running its brokerage business online only and therefore every trader has the convenience of saving time and effort to do the trading. As a matter of fact, the outstanding performance of IGI Markets in the online trade industry speaks for itself as the same has been awarded with several awards. For instance, IGI Markets was awarded with the ‘Best Crypto and Forex Broker’ award recently. In addition, two more awards were won by this broker namely ‘Best Crypto Trading App’ and “Best Platform for Margin Trading’.

Being an award winning broker shows IGI Markets commitments towards the trade market as well as towards its retail and institutional investors.

Menu of Tradable Assets

The very first impression of IGI Markets surprises most of the traders which is that it is a platform where traders have the option of trading in more than 300 assets. These 300 plus assets are part of six different trading classes i.e. forex, commodity, stocks, indices, metals and crypto. Apparently, each trader of IGI Markets is exposed to variety of trading assets ranging from traditional to digital assets.

Trading Accounts of IGI Markets

For fulfilling the basic and improved needs of IGI Markets’ traders, the broker has developed five trading accounts. The names of these accounts and their respective initial deposits are:

  • Basic (Euro 500)
  • Bronze (Euro 10,000)
  • Silver (Euro 50,000)
  • Gold (Euro 100,000)
  • VIP (Euro 250,000)

Apart from the above five accounts, there is yet another special purpose account which is the “Free Account” option. By signing up in this account, an interested party can witness live trading and see how trading works generally on IGI Markets. The account is also very helpful in gaining more knowledge and insight about the trading going on at the platform.

It may further be noted that within each of the five accounts there are trading features. For instance, a trader can find account manager, senior analyst, financial advisor and trade advisor services. In addition, trade signals and other benefits such as leverages too can be found in these accounts.

Funding the account is also convenient. The funds can be transferred through using Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards, bank transfer or even through Bitcoin transfer.

Tools For Traders

Tools that have been developed and provided by IGI Markets are according to the needs of every type of customer. The official website is however the basic tool of trading in any type of tradable asset. The trading platform can be easily accessed by multiple internet browsers, including Google, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc.

Once a trader, or even a visitor, visits the website, he can see live charting of tradable assets where prevailing rates of assets are duly mentioned. Since the charting mechanism is live therefore any fluctuations in the prices are instantly showcased. This live charting is one of the most used tools of IGI Markets because it allows a trader as to which particular asset can be traded for profits.

There is also a tab called “Trading Room” which showcases live prices of the assets and investment brought into an asset by global traders.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, working with an award winning trade broker like IGI Markets would put you in an advantageous position over others. While your trade partner will make sure that you are put on the path where your trading goals are achieved according to your satisfaction.

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