Richardson Lewis Review –What You Will Not Gain from a Mediocre Trading Partner

The online trading industry nowadays is filled with online trading service providers claiming to be the best trading partners. The ugly truth is that the majority of them are non-standard and stick with the basics. The services, tools, and features most of the mediocre level trading platforms are either ineffective or are too old. If you stick with them, you will miss the real action of the online trading industry. If you want to know what you’ll be missing, then the Richardson Lewis review will tell you what exactly.

Respect, Clarity, and Safety

Every trader is the same for the firm because it wants to treat everyone with the same level of respect. For this purpose, the platform has put together a highly competent and professional customer support team that can help you achieve a lot. You can count on their ability to treat you with utmost respect and answer your questions with full responsibility. They are available Mon-Sun to answer your queries whether it is landline or email.

The firm is very clear when it comes to adherence with regulations. The firm is regulated and has the KYC and AML guidelines to prove that. You have to be adherent with these policies as well if you are to become part of Richardson Lewis. If you stick with the firm, you will realize how much clarity and a certified trading environment it has to offer. You can trade having it somewhere inside you mind that you are at no risk of losing your funds in case the platform is shut down or ceases to exist.

Even when there is a question of safety, the firm does not show any weaknesses. It has acquired the SSL Security Certification for a reason, which means it can protect your personal and financial data with the highest level of protection. Your transactions are safe with encryptions and no one can access them or misuse them. You are in control of your information unless or until someone gains access to your credentials.

Trading Options

If we are to talk about the trading options, then let me begin with the trading instruments. The assets offered by the firm are many but the major instruments these assets are placed under are cryptocurrencies, FX, indices, shares, and commodities. You have full authority over studying an asset and then choosing it as per your convenience to start your trades. Along the way, if you have any issues or obstacles you find difficult to overcome, you will have the support of expert traders, analysts, and a personal account manager from the firm.

Richardson Lewis also has many trading accounts listed for you, so you get to choose the one that suits your trading profile. You can go for the micro one if your focus is on learning, then move onto basic, if you want to try what you have learned in the markets. You can go for a higher trading level choosing the advanced and the premium accounts. If you want to take your trading activities to the next level, then feel free to choose the gold and the platinum accounts. You gain loyalty points no matter the trading account you choose at the firm.

The trading platform is also very well created as it offers you access to all kinds of trading tools and functions. You can perform automated trades and leveraged trades using the web-based platform. You can also access trading charts, historical reports, trading graphs, market news, market reviews, analysis reports and give trading instructions. You can improve your trading judgement by referring to daily market news, forecasts, and price alerts.


Now that you have learned about the platform, you can compare it many other trading platforms. You will hardly find a platform that offers so much. Still, you have to keep in mind that you do not get carried away with so much that the service provider has to offer. Choose the options that you feel are the right ones for you given your current market exposure so you do not put your funds at any risk.

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