Waterman Bates Review – Your Trading Partner and a Great Teacher

If this is the first time you are taking online trades seriously, then you have already taken the first step of entering online trades. However, taking the first step is not enough because you have to learn about the online trades and the assets before you can start trading. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with firms offering trading opportunities but hardly any firm offers the opportunity to learn and gain trading education. In my Waterman Bates review, I will try explaining how it is more than just your trading partner.

Trading Assets

The main goal of the firm is to help you learn about the trades as much as possible. It does not want to push you into the online trading markets without having any proper knowledge or information about them. This is the reason why it lets you do things with complete freedom.

It lets you choose your own way of trading and then enter the markets. The first step that the platform takes is by offering you the chance of choosing your own trading asset. You can choose from a wide range of assets where the most prominent ones are cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, commodities, and forex. Choosing the asset and performing trades is completely up to your will and preference.

Trading Accounts

If you wish to become member of Waterman Bates, then you have to choose a trading account at the firm then make a deposit. The deposit requirement is based on the trading account you choose to start your trading career. The basic trading account offered by the firm is Micro Account that requires a minimum initial deposit of €5,000.

You have access to other accounts as well that are Basic, Premium, Platinum, and Gold Member Accounts. If you go for the platinum account, it means you consider yourself a trading expert and want to test your kills and learnings. Whereas, the micro account is for the least experienced so if you are new, you need to go for this one.

Trading Platform

You have access to a highly sophisticated and beautifully designed online trading platform. It has the latest trading features, tools, and lets you trade in all trading assets from a single platform. The trading interface is one of a kind and each tool/function has been placed in it in the simplest manner for your convenience. You can access it from web-browsers and can even use it on android and iOS based smartphones. Just download their app and you are good to go.

Regulatory Compliance

Waterman Bates has survived in one of the most challenging trading environments and the reason behind it is because the firm has never shown weakness towards regulations. The firm has continued adhering to the major regulatory policies that include CFT, AML, and KYC. The firm considers itself fully responsible for offering you a very specialized and safe trading environment and it achieves this by staying compliant with regulations.


One of the most distinguishing feature of Waterman Bates from the majority of the online trading service providers is the attention it pays on your profile grooming.

It has an entire learning academy dedicated for your profile grooming. At the academy, you gain access to webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions, and even get to read the eBooks.

All these features grant you access to a sea of information and knowledge about online trades, their insights, and tips about the trading strategies. You can implement your learnings from the academic content and you will definitely feel that you are improving.

Real Time Support

If you have anything to discuss about your account or services at Waterman Bates, feel free to get in touch with their customer support via landline or email. They are very professional and will be more than glad to assist you with any kind of account/service related query.

However, the real time support does not end there because you can seek assistance from your personal account manager and a trading analyst.

Transaction Safety

The firm is well aware that you may be very skeptical about sharing your personal and financial details through an online platform. However, it has acquired the SSL Security Certification that is an assurance that all the data you provide is encrypted and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Ending Thoughts

If you are planning to enter online trades then the first piece of advice is to make sure you have enough funds, time, and patience to stick around in the industry. If you feel that you lack on either of the attributes then it is better you first make yourself capable enough and then enter trades. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your decision.

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