FinuTrade Review – A Broker Focused on Trader Benefits

Be like me and you will know a lot about the online trading world that many people don’t. You think that all online platforms are meant to make you rich, but when you enter this digital trading world, you will know that the truth is completely different. In many cases, you have online brokers competing to earn more, and in doing so, they forget about the interest of their traders. The one company that I think has not lost its track is FinuTrade. My idea of writing this FinuTrade review is to bring your attention to this platform so you know how it is focused on you and your interests.

Now, this is not to say that this company does not make any money from you. Of course, it is no non-profit organization. However, when you trade within its system, you will notice that you have ample opportunities to grow as a trader. Also, you will notice that the broker is not constantly trying to make you spend your money on something. Let me tell you more in the review.

7 Trading Accounts with Additional Islamic Account

Now, why would an online trading services provider create 7 different account types? It could just create one or two and ask you to sign up with those. However, that’s not the case when you look at the long list of accounts FinuTrade is offering you. These seven accounts serve different types of traders because their features are completely different. If you want to enjoy only the basic features, go with the bronze account. If you want to have the best of both worlds, you can go with the VIP account. Yes, it will require a huge deposit but every feature on it is worth that splurge.

Now, let me talk about the 8th account type that people usually ignore. In addition to the 7 regular trading account, you also have the Islamic account. If you are a Muslim person who cannot open a trading account due to religious reasons, I am sure you will be happy to open the Islamic account.

Trading Specialists, Account Managers, and Personal Assistants

You can see that I am talking about a lot of different people here. Can you believe that you can take advantage of the services of all these professionals if you sign up with the right type of trading account? Of course, you will not get the services of these professionals with every type of account, but if you go with the right one, you will enjoy trading like no one else. So, the trading specialists are available to you if you go with the diamond account. Personal assistants are there to help you right from the gold account.

The best part is that you have account managers to help you with trades when you sign up with at least premium or VIP account. With so many experts by your side, you cannot go wrong with your trades.

The Variety of Assets

The asset index from FinuTrade is one of the most impressive ones I have seen in my life. I have been with other companies, and I have seen many while reviewing them. However, I have not found one that comes even close to the asset options that FinuTrade provides you with. It lets you access the cryptocurrency market in addition to the conventional forex market. You can also trade stocks and indices if you want. Commodities are available for traders too. The best thing is that you have ETFs and treasury bonds available for trading too. Who gives all of those options?

Final Thoughts

I think I have made it clear how this company focuses on the benefits of its traders. I am sure you will know even more when you explore the options yourself. Call the company, talk to the customer support representatives, ask more questions, and I am sure you will reach a final decision pretty soon.

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