Payback Ltd Review – Retrieve Your Scammed Funds Back

Payback Ltd Review

Have you got scammed? You do not need to worry anymore as Payback Ltd is there to help you out. If you are unaware of the fantastic services this platform offers for its clients, keep reading this Payback Ltd review to learn about them.

What is Payback Ltd?

Payback Ltd is your loyal companion in your trading journey. It is a unique platform that fights cases against fraudulent brokers on your behalf, and their team of experts works with services to get your money back. They provide free consultation and advisory services, listen to your case, and file case upon provided details. Certain claims are not entertained by Payback Ltd, but in such a case, they will inform you. They offer fund recovery services on a commissioned basis and will charge fees or commission on the service availed and the nature of the case.

Payback Ltd is located in Ben Gurion Rd 38, Ramat Gan, Israel, but they operate globally. They are active on Facebook and Twitter and very responsive to messages during working hours. They have a global toll-free number mentioned on their official website. They have also provided users with numbers operational in specific countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and Israel. The telephone lines are active throughout the day all across the week.

What does Payback Ltd do?

Payback Ltd came into action as many people all around the world suffered financial losses at the hands of fraudulent platforms who collected investment money of traders and bluffed away. People were perturbed by such deception, and they wanted to have their amount back, but they had no one to help out. In the given scenario, socially responsible trading experts coined the idea of a service company to serve traders that are not a trading platform yet helpful for them. Traders can present their cases to experts at Payback Ltd.

The first duty of experts at this platform is to review your case. They skim through your case and analyze its complexity as per their expertise. The experts perform some preliminary checks, and if the case is winnable, they proceed towards resolving your issue.

Once experts accept your case, they start working on it by gathering the pieces of evidence for authenticity. They will ask you for necessary information and collect documents to help them proceed with the case. Later they put evidence in front of the charged entities that have been scammed. They have coined a strategy for confronting perpetrators, so they agree to give the money back. Once the entities agree to pay back, Payback Ltd returns it back to you. They have a good track record of fulfilling their commitments.

Why Choose Payback Ltd?

You must choose PayBack if you need services to get your money back from scammers. There are certain qualities of this platform due to which it stands out among its competitors. The qualities include:

  • Professionalism

Experts at Payback Ltd have vast experience working in the financial markets. Hence, they are skilled in building strategies and bring unique solutions for problems traders face due to fraudulent companies. To date, they have successfully solved many cases and recovered the money from the traders.

  • Transparency and Inclusiveness

Payback Ltd gives value to people who come to them for help. They do not charge a penny for consultancy and case filing because their customer is already bearing a rough phase. They keep their customers updated about the progress of the case, so they remain calm and informed. Once the case is completed successfully, they take their fees in the form of commission or fixed amount as decided when they take the case.

  • Customer Care Services

I appreciate their customer-oriented care services. It is a hassle-free platform. Their process is simple, easy, and quick. You can reach them by filling the form on their website or calling them on their provided numbers. Second, you have to give them the evidence for the amount transferred to the fraudulent firm or any proof that you have. Rest, they will not bug you for anything else.


If you want your stolen funds back from scammers then you should do the right thing by selecting Payback as your preferred fund recovery agency and within the period of no time, you will get your stolen money back from those fraudsters.

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