Safe Holdings Review – Is Safe Holdings Legit Or a Scam?

Safe Holdings Review

Safe Holdings is a trading platform that allows the trading of many top-rated cryptocurrencies but mainly Bitcoin. However, it is not restricted to cryptocurrencies only. It provides brokerage services to trade forex, shares, commodities, and indices as well. This broker is a new entrant as it was launched only three years ago, but it has gained a good reputation in this short period of time. In this review, we will figure out the elements which helped this platform to achieve this exponential growth.

The trading platform provided by Safe Holdings is quick and secure. Its security system is of world-class level. Trading tools, along with many other features, have contributed a lot to its progress. Some of the best features will be discussed at length in this review.

Easy registration process

For the sole purpose of customers’ convenience, Safe Holdings has kept its sign-up process simple. It does not require multiple complex steps to sign up on the platform. The sign-up form is provided on the main page of the website. It only requires your personal information (for security reasons) to be filled in the form, such as name, contact details, and address. At the moment, the website is not available for US citizens due to some complications.

Trading platform

A trading platform plays an indispensable role for a trader. Safe Holdings provides a platform that gives its customers convenience while trading. This platform is designed to meet the needs of both new as well as experienced clients. Its highly advanced and dynamic technology plays a linking role between the trader and the broker. It is easy to use, faster and reliable. That is why it becomes the no.1 choice of traders. It also provides different trading tools to make the trading process easy for customers, especially those who are in the early stages of their careers. Having an eye on all the mentioned characteristics, I have no doubt in declaring Safe Holdings’ trading platform the best available choice in the market.

Multiple account types

Every trader is not the same. They have different mindsets. Thus they require a different type of service. To cater to all types of traders (beginners, professionals, etc.) Safe Holdings offers five different types of accounts. These five types of accounts are namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. Silver and gold accounts are designed to meet the requirements of beginners with relatively less amount to trade, while platinum and diamond accounts are created for experienced and professional traders. Vip account is specifically designed to meet the needs of upper-class traders.

Security Measures

Provision of security is the utmost duty of a trading platform; hence Safe Holdings has fulfilled this duty as well by taking many safety steps to secure customers’ money and information. The platform has introduced a cyber-security cage that keeps everything in its place. The strict security system keeps criminals away from the platform. That is why its traders remain confident and satisfied. For this purpose, the website is equipped with 2 Factor Authentication system along with the encryption of all the information shared by customers. The encryption is done with SSL, which is a Secure Sockets Layer that is now made compulsory by the regulatory authorities. In addition to all these steps, the broker has hired a technical team that maintains and tests the platform on a daily basis.

Outstanding client support service

Clients like to select a broker who remains in touch with them 24/7. If a broker provides each and every service, but he is unable to answer the queries of its clients on time, then clients get disheartened. In this case, the clients never rate the broker positively. Safe Holdings’ feedback is positive because it is providing good quality customer service. Safe Holdings tries its best to satisfy its customers with a responsive customer support service.

Final Verdict

The features and services of Safe Holdings have impressed me a lot, especially the fact that it is loaded with advanced technology. I have shared all the details about this broker with you, and it’s your decision to make.

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